METAL MADNESS PvP 0.40.2 Apk + Mod for Android

METAL MADNESS PvP 0.40.2 Apk + Mod for Android 1
Overview Information
Package com.gdcompany.metalmadness
Version 0.40.2
Size 145
Requires Android 4.1
Game Mode ONLINE



Metal Madness Apk: furious car PvP shooter. Brand new 2019 shooter packed with guns, action, sniping, shooting, crossfire, war, brawls and royal battles! Challenge fighters and snipers from all around the world. Post apocalyptic twisted tour over bullet arenas. Load the guns and dive into mad shooting derby like a squad of special ops! We bring you action game enhanced with machineguns, thrusters, bombs, flamethrowers, rockets and sniper rifles!


  • Garage with 16 unique metal knights! Deadly war machines, sportcars, muscles, ice-cream truck, time car, SUVs and other mech monsters, like robots! Use weapons to make it more deadly and full of mad fury and action! Crash, shoot and cross enemies out with glory in epic crossfire!
  • PvP game is more than a regular team death match or frag counter, it’s a mode where you need tactics and real skills! Cross foes out with weapons on your cars, fill the air with bullets, gasoline and fire! Car squad is ready to cross special ops out!
  • Cross steel knights out of leaderboards and reach the top of the best fighters in derby! Standoff in deadly 3rd person crossfire boom shooter! It’s real action, smash your rivals with style!
  • Crossfire, crashes, explosions and air filled with fire of bullets! Team up with robots, capture resources, crash metal knights on twisted arenas as you fight in one of the best PvP shooter of 2019!
  • Join crossfire action in cyberpunk city, fight to the death in desert, turn foes into twisted metal in industrial zone or start a sniper derby on the roof!
  • Game is well optimized! Epic explosions even on weak devices! Boom!!! This PvP multiplayer wargame is that hot!
  • Get on killing spree as long as you want! Quests every few hours. Crossout with thousands of players from USA, China, Brazil, Russia, Japan and other!
  • Killer instinct pumps adrenaline in online action! Military tech like tanks is made to wreck steel knights! Improve weapon damage and armor to survive in crossfire shooter!
  • Jump in fury crossfire immediately! Jump, drift, do twisted stunts and enjoy the best free shooting game!
  • Want the game to run even on weak device? Pick the graphic set which suit your mobile device best!
  • Wargame takes you to shooting range of furious battles and brawls. Are you ready to fight and melt your foes in epic action? Huge steel knights like heavy tanks and quick brawlers, join simulator of deathmatch. Gear up your mech monster, aim and shoot, snipe and explode enemy team in a fire storm of bullets!
  • Tons of fighters on the boom world! Pick a right one, load it with heavy guns and shoot enemies from insane weapons! Be car warlord and conquer your rivals in online simulator! Fight to the top of world leaderboards!


Before placing the link to download METAL MADNESS PvP, we checked the link, it's working. If you suddenly cannot download, please let us know via comments or through the feedback form.

What’s new

  1. New map
  2. Bugfixes

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